Golden To Go

Enjoy your Golden Corral® favorites at home
anytime you choose with Golden To Go.

It’s quick and easy, without waiting in line…

  • Go straight to the Golden To Go Station
  • Pick up a Golden To Go container
  • Fill up with a little or a lot – it's your choice
  • Weigh your items at the Golden To Go Weigh Station
  • Pay by the pound

Don’t want to hunt for a parking space when you want to run in and grab To Go? Just park in a Golden To Go parking spot located near the front door. It’s just one more thing that makes Golden To Go quick and easy!

Check with your local Golden Corral® for Golden To Go hours and pricing.

Golden Corral® restaurants accept the following major credit cards. Cards accepted may vary by location.
Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, Dinner's Club

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